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Product Name: Sun shed-Carport

Product Type: BSW203

Style classification: H K style

The main aluminum alloy frame and the surface
The use of high-quality, high-strength aluminum alloy material (commonly known as "titanium alloy"), the surface of a special process, highly resistant to corrosion and oxidation resistance, and not easy to fade, the course of time as new, can be effectively used for 30 years.
PC endurance sun visor
The use of imported polycarbonate material, made by a special process, while adding special and efficient anti-UV material, with seven major advantages: ⑴, durability: not fade, atomization, yellowing caused by poor light transmission, durable 15 years;
⑵, anti-ultraviolet function: can effectively block more than 95% of the UV, the effective protection of the body from UV damage;
⑶, translucent: to achieve more than 80% of the light transmittance, will not be due to rainy weather led to light under the shed;
⑷, impact resistance: the impact of ordinary glass is more than 200 times, to prevent accidental falling objects;
⑸, temperature resistance; in -40. C to 120. C temperature range of normal use, breaking the geographical gap on the impact of the product;
⑹, flame retardant; no fire drops, no gas, in line with national flame retardant GB8624-97 standard, to prevent a variety of accidental fire on the vehicle directly hurt;
⑺, temperature: can effectively block the sun's heat, control the temperature inside the compartment continued to rise.
Water pipes and seals and spare parts

Unique water system to highlight the user-friendly design, to avoid the roof of the water when the ground to the car and you cause a second pollution.
Reasonable structure and easy to clean, unique under the cap design can easily remove the leaves and other dirt.
Seals and spare parts were imported EPDM anti-aging materials, sealing and 304 stainless steel parts,
Not only to ensure that the gap between the sealing and firmness, make full use of the durability of raw materials.
In every detail to reflect the durability of the product and the need for routine maintenance.
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